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  • Gra­di­ent Boost­ing explained
    • Gra­di­ent boost­ing (GB) is a machine learn­ing algo­rithm devel­oped in the late ‘90s that is still very pop­u­lar. It pro­duces state-of-the-art results for many com­mer­cial (and aca­d­e­mic) appli­ca­tions. This page explains how the gra­di­ent boost­ing algo­rithm works using sev­eral inter­ac­tive visualizations.”
  • AI and Deep Learn­ing in 2017 – A Year in Review


  • A cus­tomiz­able gym envi­ron­ment for maze/gridworld
    • This repos­i­tory con­tains a cus­tomiz­able gym envi­ron­ment for all kinds of mazes or grid­worlds. The moti­va­tion of this repos­i­tory is, as maze or grid­world are used very often in the rein­force­ment learn­ing com­mu­nity, how­ever, it is still lack of a stan­dard­ized framework.”




    • is a plat­form that allows com­puter pro­grams — also known as bots, to play each other at chal­leng­ing games to win bitcoin.