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  • 7 Tech­niques to Han­dle Imbal­anced Data
    • This blog post intro­duces seven tech­niques that are com­monly applied in domains like intru­sion detec­tion or real-time bid­ding, because the datasets are often extremely imbalanced.
  • Bayesian Deep Learn­ing with Edward (and a trick using Dropout)
  • Ele­gant N-gram Gen­er­a­tion in Python
    • A quick few snip­pets of code – solv­ing how to com­pactly and ele­gantly gen­er­ate n-grams from your favorite iterable.
  • Word Embed­dings: His­tory, Present and Future
  • Is Regres­sion Analy­sis Really Machine Learn­ing?
    Is Regression Analysis Really Machine Learning?
    Is Regres­sion Analy­sis Really Machine Learning?
    • What sep­a­rates “tra­di­tional” applied sta­tis­tics from machine learn­ing? Is sta­tis­tics the foun­da­tion on top of which machine learn­ing is built? Is machine learn­ing a super­set of “tra­di­tional” sta­tis­tics? Do these 2 con­cepts have a third uni­fy­ing con­cept in com­mon? So, in that vein… is regres­sion analy­sis actu­ally a form of machine learning?